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In the Eye of the Beholder December 30, 2009

Posted by bitchwantstea in Fashion / Beauty, Tech / Science.
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Ever looked at a poster of a woman with perfectly white teeth, shapely breasts, a tiny waist, and legs so toned they could snap the spine of a newborn deer?

Chances are the image you are looking at has been photoshopped.

And look!  We’re not just bitter, twisted old women with bingo wings.  Sec-C has posted a rather awesome breakdown of some photoshopping carried out on a Victoria’s Secret model.

It begins with an image you may have spotted a few weeks ago, should you be a keen photoshop-spotter (as we are), from the Victoria’s Secret website.

If you look closely at the woman’s right hand (your left), you can see the handles of a mysteriously invisible handbag.


However, using a variety of analysis tools, Sec-C was able to reveal it wasn’t just the handbag that got a once-over, but also the model’s skin tone, arm definition, and bust size.


… And when you consider the source material was a Victoria’s Secret Model – beings who make it their job to look as beautiful and toned as possible – what chance do mere mortals like us have at achieving a healthy bodyshape perspective?


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