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Woman Not Wearing Make-up Inferior to Woman Wearing Make-up SHOCK! December 31, 2009

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lucy davis

Okay okay, first of all, we know we shouldn’t really let anything The Daily Fail says annoy us.

This week our favourite tabloid decided to pick on Lucy Davis of The Office fame.  She had committed an unspeakable act – she had stepped off a long-haul flight without bothering to apply her make-up.  The lazy bitch!

Lucy was caught wearing “unflattering casual clothes” (everyone knows an 11-hour flight needs a steel-boned corset), “blotchy skin”, looking “tired and bedraggled.”  And if it’s not bad enough having a national newspaper slagging you off to all and sundry, they happened to mention that her husband walking infront of her appeared “smart and fresh-faced in contrast to his wife.”

We really can’t understand why articles like this exist.  It’s not even really the photographs that annoy us, it’s the surprise and disappointment that a woman should not look her best after flying half way across the world.

Sort it out, Lucy!  After that, you can cook the tea, iron the clothes, and perform oral sex before EastEnders comes on.



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