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“As Female Presenters Got Older They Became A Problem” January 3, 2010

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Equality minister Harriet Harman has attacked the BBC for “not valuing” older female newsreaders.

Speaking on BBC World’s This Weekend program, Harman stated that “I think that the broadcast media finds it possible to value the older man but I don’t think they find it possible to value the older woman.”

“A former senior BBC executive said to me: ‘the thing is, the way we saw it was that as male presenters got older they become an authority and as female presenters got older they became a problem’.

“To be a BBC news presenter as a woman you have to be 10 years younger than the men.”

The BBC has come under fire for perceived ageism against its female presenters.  Strictly Come Dancing Judge Arlene Phillips, 66, was recently replaced with younger, former winner Alesha Dixon, 30.

In 2007, 55-year old newsreader Moira Stewart stepped down from her job at Sunday AM, amid allegations that she had been pushed out because she was too old.

In 2006, 62-year old newsreader Anna Ford stated that had she carried on her career for much longer, she would have been sidelined because of her age.  Ford stated “I think when you reflect on the people who they’re bringing in and they’re all much younger.  I think they are being brought in because they are younger. I think that’s specifically one of the reasons why they’re being employed.”



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