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Jonathan Ross Leaves BBC January 8, 2010

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…  But the question on everyone’s lips is – did he walk, or was he pushed?

Ross, who has worked at the BBC for 13 years, ran into trouble in 2008 after leaving a series of inappropriate phone messages to elderly actor Andrew Sachs during Russell Brand’s BBC Radio 2 show.  The fallout was Ross’s suspension for three months, and many baying for his resignation.  Many will undoubtedly be glad to see him go, but he also had a large legion of loyal fans (BWT included – particularly his Film program.)

The BBC has also been under constant pressure to cut costs.  It has already been documented that several high profile BBC presenters have already had their salaries reduced.  However, Ross assured his decision not to renew his contract, which ends in July, was not motivated by money.

“Although I have had a wonderful time working for the BBC, and am very proud of the shows I have made while there, over the last two weeks I have decided not to re-negotiate when my current contract comes to an end,” Ross said.

“I would like to make it perfectly clear that no negotiations ever took place and that my decision is not financially motivated.”

We wouldn’t be surprised if Ross ends up on Channel 4 by the end of the year…



1. Matt Brock - January 8, 2010

Oh good. He used to do good programmes about films once, but nowadays he just behaves like a knob and gets paid huge amounts of money for it. I’m glad that my licence fee will no longer be going towards his grossly inflated salary.

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