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Cheats Homemade Lime, Chilli & Dark Chocolate January 14, 2010

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We must admit that our usual recipe for making chocolate is buying a packet of cooking chocolate, melting it in the microwave and then eating it.  But if you want to show someone how much you care (or just how much you totally ROCK in the kitchen), then this super easy recipe is guaranteed to blow their socks off.

2 bars of plain chocolate – supermarket baking stuff works a treat
A small knob of butter
2 limes
A small grater or zester
A pinch of fine sea salt
A pinch of dried chilli flakes
Silicone moulds

Break the chocolate up into squares and pop into a bowl that’s sitting on top of a saucepan of boiling water, or just zap the chocolate in the microwave.

Whilst you’re waiting for it to melt, get your limes and zest them – you can use the leftover limes for lime juice in your cocktails, or slices in your G&Ts!

Once the chocolate has almost melted, add in the knob of butter and stir until all melted. Take off the heat and add in a pinch of salt, the lime zest and the chilli flakes. Mix well.

Using a spoon, carefully spoon the mixture into your moulds. If your moulds are in a tray format you can pour the mix on and use the spoon to spread it around (a palette knife would be good too if you have one). Don’t overfill them, leave a little space at the top and then jiggle them slightly so that the chocolate settles. Now stick in the fridge! If you have any left you can just eat it straight out of the bowl, or you can use some baking paper or silicone liners and spoon it out, spread it to about 5mm thick then pop in the fridge as well.

And voilà!  After a few hours (or overnight if you have time) the chocolates will be ready.  The slab can be broken into shards (or eaten whole if you really fancy it!) and for the moulds, just turn them out and pop them in a container. They should last up to a week but let’s be realistic – you’ll probably scoff them all before you can say “LIME-VEST-IS-PART-OF-MY-FIVE-A-DAY.”




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