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Snow Days…So who actually got one? January 19, 2010

Posted by bitchwantstea in News.
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All those fancy snowmen depicted in the news, on websites and morning television didn’t quite bring everyone a day or three of white fluffy joy over the past few weeks.  We didn’t get to make pretty snow angels, slide down hills or throw snowballs.  Because we had to go to work.  And you know what sucks more than going to work?  Going to work when it feels like the rest of the entire universe is off quaffing hot chocolate.

So who else found their daily commute eight times longer because some people found it hilarious to build some snowmen on roundabouts instead of going to work?  Who else did ‘the penguin walk’, discovered their scheduled train was cancelled, or found their car skidding down the road?

We know some of you were genuinely snowed in.  We know some of you tried your best.  But we don’t care – because we’re bitter and jealous of your silky white snow we never got to touch.

For all those poor commuting souls who faced this sight every morning:

… We salute you!

(and for all those people who live in Scotland who had to put up with listening to us English peeps weeping about out 3cm of snow – sorry.)


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