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The End of the MP3? January 26, 2010

Posted by bitchwantstea in News, Tech / Science.
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Here at BWT, we remember when we used to listen to cassette tapes on our Walkmans.  There was no such thing as ‘skipping’ songs or letting an album run on an endless repeat.  Listening to music took hard work and dedication.  Tracks had to be played from beginning to end (fast forwarding was for rich kids who could afford lots of batteries), with a fiddly turn of the tape inbetween.

How things have changed.  Now we have shiny mp3s, digital downloads, and music players that are smaller than a pack of cigarettes.  But could the mp3 be going the way of the humble cassette tape?

A new music file format has just been unveiled by some of the key figures behind the development of the mp3.  The new file, called MusicDNA (spaces are for losers), can include things like lyrics, videos and blog posts.  But that’s not all – content is dynamically updatable, so that every time a user is connected, the files will be updated.

It’s not smooth sailing though – as yet, no major record labels have signed up to use MusicDNA, and the new file format will be putting itself in competition with Apple’s iTunes LP.

Whether it sinks or swims, it’ll be coming your way when it’s fully rolled-out at the end of the summer.



1. Matt Brock - January 26, 2010

This is backwards-compatible with MP3 so I think it’s probably more of an evolution rather than a replacement. Unfortunately, however, it’s being designed as something that enables record companies to charge even more for downloads without even providing better audio quality than MP3. I’m not optimistic about it so far.

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