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Space Invaders @ FACT January 30, 2010

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Space Invaders: Art and the Video Game Environment, aims to “explore the blurred boundaries between video-game space and real space.”

What this actually adds up to is a bunch of cool little exhibits, mixing retro gaming with modern, made to make you think.  And best of all, it’s FREE!

The exhibition, running until the 21st February, is housed in Liverpool’s FACT building.  Here’s a flavour of what to expect:

COSPlayer, by acclaimed Chinese artist Cao Fei, is a video depicting costumed role-players in real life scenarios.

Anita Fontaine and Michael Pelletier have taken the ultra violent game ‘Unreal Tournament’, and modified it into the super colourful and cute ‘CuteXDoom II.’

‘What It Is Without the Hand That Wields It’ (pictured, above) allows visitors to play the popular shooter ‘Counter-Strike’ – but every time you kill someone, or are killed, a drop of (fake) blood drips down the wall infront of you.

BWT popped along to the exhibition recently, and we think it’s great (if a little unnerving – especially with the Counter Strike exhibit!)  So if you’re in the North West area with half an hour to spare, we recommend you go and check it out.



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