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Italy Now Proposing Ban on Muslim Veil February 1, 2010

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Could Italy be following France in its bid to ban the full-face Muslim veil?

Last week a French parliamentary committee called for women wearing the niqab — a veil with just a gap for the eyes that is worn with a long robe — to be refused access to public transport, schools, universities, post offices and hospitals.

And now, in a survey by the SWG polling group, 71% of Italians voted in favour of a ban.

““This is about a sacrosanct battle to defend the dignity and rights of immigrant women,” stated minister Ms Carfagna.  “A law is being studied that would ban the use of a burqa and niqab, which are not religious symbols — that’s not us saying it, but the top religious authorities of the Islamic world, like the imams of Cairo an Paris.”

But left-wing senator Vittoria Franco, questioned the proposal:

“I’m convinced the burqa is a prison and a form of male dominance.  “Having said that, I think it’s wrong to ban it because it would be an abstract intervention that would not help emancipate women.”

Whether the ban goes through or not, this is sure to be an issue that will remain in the headlines for some time.



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