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Slim The Thatcher Way with 4 Eggs A Day! February 1, 2010

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Move over Atkins, Weight Watchers and Slimming World.  We’ve got a brand new diet in town!  And it’s not championed by skinny and glitzy Hollywood celebrities like Nicole Ritchie, Paris Hilton, or that woman off The Hills that just had surgery.  Nope, this diet comes courtesy of our old prime minister, Margaret Thatcher.

One word of caution though – you’d better like eggs.

A note found in a diary leading up to the 1979 general election suggests Lady Thatcher was eating up to twenty eight eggs a WEEK to try and lose 20lbs.

“I think she was looking to get in trim for the cameras,” says Chris Collins of the Thatcher Foundation.

… Well, you have to admit, the Iron Lady has always looked pretty trim.  We might just embark on this diet ourselves.  I mean, Scotch eggs must count too, right?  Right…?



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