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Australia Bans Small Boobs February 2, 2010

Posted by bitchwantstea in Bizarre, Sex / Relationships.
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The Australian Classification Board has banned small breasted women appearing in adult publications on the grounds that the images might be construed as child pornography, even if the publications can prove they are over the age of eighteen.

Not only that, but they’ve also banned depiction of female ejaculation as “the depictions are a form of urination which is banned under the label of ‘golden showers’ in the Classification Guidelines” and/or “Female ejaculation is an ‘abhorrent’ depiction.”

Funnily enough, male ejaculation is totally fine and legal.

What gives, Australia?


1. Charlotte - February 3, 2010

Hmmmm really? I read this article for a more balanced view


yes the australian government is going through a bit of a moral panic as far as child pornography/the internet and child safety is concerned and they are proposing the implementation of a ” Clean Feed”


but I think you need to get your facts right and stop being so sensationalist

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