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Goodbye Social Life – The Sims 3 Coming To Consoles February 10, 2010

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No, the annoying Martine Mccutcheon Activia advert hasn’t been pulled off air.  It’s even better, if you can possibly believe that.

EA have just announced that their massively popular “The Sims 3” videogame will be coming to consoles this Christmas!  It’s currently only available on PC.

If you’ve had your head jammed under a rock for the past ten years, The Sims let’s you create your own character and control his or her every mundane move.  You can have them get a job, buy a house, get married, and raise kids if you so wish.  Or – in our case – put them in a room with no doors or toilets and watch them have a breakdown in their own urine.  Everything is customizable, from your character’s hairstyle to the type of curtains hanging over the kitchen sink.  It might not sound particularly exciting, but seeing as it was named the best-selling PC franchise in history in 2008, it’s clearly doing something right.

Of course, The Sims hasn’t exactly had a brilliant history on consoles.  BWT thinks they don’t translate very well from PC.  But screw it!  We have high hopes for this.  After all, who wants to spend an evening stuck indoors, doing the washing up, when you could be VIRTUALLY stuck indoors, doing the washing up?  Exactly!



1. Matt Brock - February 11, 2010

It’s currently only available on PC

And Mac! Gosh, a game that comes out on Mac before it comes out on Xbox. What is the world coming to? 😉

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