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“We Sometimes Say Well Why, Why, Why, Why Us?” February 12, 2010

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This Sunday be prepared to see a much more personal side to Gordon Brown – as he sits down for a television interview with Piers Morgan.

It’s an unusual move for the prime minister, who has usually been reluctant to open up and discuss his private life away from politics.  However, with the general election on the horizon, pressure has been increasing from aides and colleagues for the PM to show a more human face to voters before polling day.

In the interview he discusses the death of his daughter, his son’s cystic fibrosis, and even how he proposed to his wife.  Morgan’s previous interviewees including Katie Price, Ronnie Corbett and Sir Cliff Richard.  You can catch the program on ITV1 this Sunday at 10.15pm.  Although if you can’t be bothered to watch it, The Daily Fail seems to have noted most of it down anyway.

Morgan said Mr Brown was “an absolutely perfect subject” for the show.

What do you think, BWT readers?  Will you be watching the program?  Has Labour made the right move in attempting to present a more personal, relatable prime minister?  Or should politics and personal lives be firmly kept apart?



1. charlesletterman - February 13, 2010

Both Brown and Cameron can go for the sympathy vote around sad deaths of offspring. They should stick to talking about definitive policies rather than the touchy-feely stuff.

My view regarding sympathy vote tactic on my blog – http://www.charlesletterman.com

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