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Valentine’s day: A Good Excuse To Dress Like A Sailor February 13, 2010

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… or Playboy Bunny or Waitress or Policewoman or… the list goes on.

We at BWT  love any excuse to dress up in “interesting outfits” and Valentine’s day is no exception.  What?  “I’m Single” we hear you say… WHO CARES!  Everyone should stock up on the slutwear at this time of year, because come April we’ll have nothing but beige, practical t-shirt bras and seamless panties to choose from in the shops – BORING!  Unless you want to wait until Christmas, when the red bras and kinky Santa outfits come back in.  But can you really wait that long for slutwear?  Huh?  CAN YOU?

Planning on sneaking to the Playboy Mansion this weekend? Going for trip down the Thames in a boat?  Shaking your purse out at the Casino? Good! Because La Senza has a range of dress up babydolls perfect for all these occasions on offer for £25 here: http://www.lasenza.co.uk/nightwear/special-offers/nightwear-promo-300220.htm

Ann Summers as ever is displaying a range of costumes from football referee (you can wear it in the pub on Saturday!)  to the “Ooh LaLa Maid” costume, the “Correction Officer” set, and have recently added the rather innocent looking “Ooh Matron” nurse costume (you can even buy the handbag!)

Fort those who like everything else there’s Leg Avenue, who probably make every costume in the world.  Bored of aprons and first aid kits?  Want to surprise your significant other by dressing as a Warrior Princess?  No problem:

For those who take their dressing up fun more er…seriously, we reccomend Trashy Lingerie, who probably sell the best little tiny costumes we’ve seen.

The website where you’ll find everything from lingerie to cat costumes can be found here: http://www.trashy.com

Enjoy filling your dressing up box again, and don’t forget your stockings!



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