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78 Year Old Sikh Joining British National Party February 16, 2010

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No sooner did the BNP announce that they were accepting black and Asian people into their party did they recieve their first non-white member – step forward, 78 year old Sikh, Rajinder Singh.

Speaking at his home in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, Mr Singh praised Mr Griffin for “taking on the whole storm of lefties” who, he said, wanted to encourage multiculturalism.

Mr Singh, who was born in West Punjab, India, said he left the country in 1967 after seeing years of violence caused by the partition of the country, which also saw the death of his father.

He said the BNP was the only party he felt would take on the spread of Islamic fundamentalism, and “save” Britain – preventing any repetition of what he had seen in India.

“BNP are home-grown sons of this soil, not home-grown terrorists – there’s a big distinction. They want to save this country and, when they save it for themselves, it will be good for me too.”

We’re slightly confused.  Are you?



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