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Tell Me More, Tell Me More, Did She Put Up A Fight? February 17, 2010

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Had a long day?  Fancy relaxing with some nice romantic music?  Well, be careful what you listen to, because cracked.com has uncovered some smoochy numbers that are actually about rape!  Eeek!  Well, not entirely, but it’s a good read, and you’ll never be able to listen to “Summer Nights” in quite the same way ever again…

Here’s a couple of our favourites:

Offending Lyrics:

And I would be the one
To hold you down
Kiss you so hard
I’ll take your breath away
And after I’d wipe away the tears
Just close your eyes dear

What It’s Saying:

This almost seems innocuous at first, maybe describing a little rough play going on up in Canada for Sarah but nothing crazier than when grandpa and grandpa break into the schnapps on their anniversary, right? Except that this song was inspired by McLachlan’s brush with a stalker who sent numerous, crazy-as-a-shithouse-rat letters to her. The stalker actually sued McLachlan after the song was released for plagiarism, alleging she’d used the content of his letters in the song, but the case never made it to trial because he killed himself, potentially because he realized he was obsessed with Sarah McLachlan for some fucking reason.

Offending Lyrics:

Her: but maybe just a half a drink more
Him: (put some records on while I pour)
Her: the neighbors might faint
Him: (baby it’s bad out there)
Her: say what’s in this drink
Him: (no cabs to be had out there)

What It’s Saying:

No Christmas in a department store is complete without having to listen to Dean Martin croon this tune about four times an hour. It features the kind of saucy banter your parents think is awesome and probably made your mom hot after a few egg nogs back in the day. Sick.

Curiously, however, in Dean’s extended efforts to keep his lady friend from leaving him for the night, they slip in the somewhat off putting line in which it’s implied that Dean has laced her drink with roofies. Because really, if the weather won’t keep her in the house, date rape drugs are the next best step.

In fairness, Deano might just be doping her with rum, although that’s not really all that much more honorable considering the entire debate is about whether she should drive home. Perhaps best of all is when she wises up and asks what’s in the drink and he glosses over it like it ain’t no thang, pointing out that there are no cabs available. So the best case scenario for this holiday gem is essentially: Dean Martin forces himself on a woman with the threat of a DUI and potentially vehicular manslaughter.

Thanks Cracked!



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