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A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Day Care February 26, 2010

Posted by bitchwantstea in Bizarre.
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You know what it’s like – you’re trying to concentrate on something important, but the kids are going nuts.  “Mummy,I want a pony!” “Mummy, where do babies come from?”  “Mummy, why is Daddy crying in the bath?”  Sometimes, you just want to get rid of them…

Donna Louise Greenwell certainly did.  And she succeeded – by trading two young children in her care, in return for some cash and a cockatoo.

Greenwell, 53, was sentenced on Monday to 15 months of hard labour on two counts of ‘sale of a minor’.

According to authorities, Greenwell called the buyers – Paul J. Romero, 46, and Brandy Lynn Romero, 27 – early last year after seeing a flyer they posted offering a cockatoo for sale, and offered to deliver the children for about $2,000 (£1,300). When the Romeros said they could not afford that, a deal was stuck for the bird, valued at $1,500 (about £975), plus cash.

The two children, a 5-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl, had been in Greenwell’s custody for over a year when she sold them. The children had been ‘abandoned to her care,’ according to a lawyer for Greenwell, and neither the children’s’ mother or father could be found.

BWT may jest, but it’s actually quite a tragic story for these two poor kids.  We hope they find someone who can give them the love they deserve very soon.



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