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Rape “A Weapon of Choice” For Gangs February 26, 2010

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Charity organisation Race on the Agenda has reported that young women are being subjected to sexual violence as a result of gang reprisals.

Interviews with more than 350 women and girls revealed the use of rape to punish girl gang members and relatives of rivals.

Report author Carlene Firmin said rape was being used “as a weapon of choice” and few services were equipped to help.

She described one interview with a girl who had been arrested for selling drugs for a gang.

“Upon her bail, she was kidnapped and she was raped by a number of the gang members as a punishment and to silence her,” she said.

Peaches Cadogan, a former gang member, also stated that escaping from gang violence was far more difficult than people realised.

She said: “This is real life – this is them – because at the end of the day – you’re not only putting yourself in that situation – you’re also putting families in a situation.

“Those gang members have no problem in just putting a gun in your mother’s mouth – these things happen on a day to day basis.”

For further information into this shocking report, please click here.


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