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Killing Me Softly March 5, 2010

Posted by bitchwantstea in Film / TV, Health, Tech / Science.
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Daytime television on weekdays is the stuff of nightmares.

From the moment you turn on the TV you’re confronted by chavs screaming at each other on Jeremy Kyle, massively enthusiastic people shouting “CASH MY GOLD!”, and enough home decorating programs to put a staple gun to your head.

We’re sure it didn’t used to be like this.  But the above mentioned isn’t even the worst of it – no, that’s reserved for accident claim adverts.

You know the ones, don’t you?  Had an accident or injury that wasn’t your fault?  Then you should contact REAL LAYWERS on a NO WIN NO FEE basis!  A stray piece of wrapping.  A wet floor.  A dodgy banana skin – NOTHING IS SAFE in injury lawyer land.

If anything, the adverts are a massive accident and injury deterrent, because if you have broken your legs thanks to someone else’s neglect, you can be damn sure you won’t want to sit at home and be forced to watch these tedious adverts again and again and again.  There are so many of them by so different companies, it creates a horrible sense of déjà vu.

But now the buggers are threatening to break out of the television and onto your iPhone, with a new app by Personalinjury.co.uk.  Now you can find out about personal injury compensation anywhere, anytime, thanks to the Personal Injury Advisor!  Although why you would want to is beyond us.

All we need now is a gold evaluation application and humanity as we know it will end.



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