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Women Who Drink ‘Less Likely To Gain Weight’ March 10, 2010

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It’s like Christmas has come early.  One week we’re told there’s a real possibility of hangover-free alcohol, and the next we’re told that a bit of booze can keep you slim!

US researchers in Archives of Internal Medicine followed over 19,000 women over 13 years.

Women who drank red wine put on the least weight over the period of time, followed by a lesser extent by those who drank other wines, beers and spirits.

But not only that – teetotallers were the ones who put on the most weight, even though alcohol contains ’empty’ calories.

Even after accounting for lifestyle, dietary factors and things like smoking and exercise, the study found those who drank the least gained the most weight.

But before you go out and paint the town red, it’s worth noting that all of the drinkers drank ‘moderate’ amounts – classified as around two small glasses of wine a day.

The women in the study who drank appeared to substitute alcohol for other food, meaning their overall calorie intake did not go up that much.

Happy Wednesday!

More info here.



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