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It’s BACK! March 11, 2010

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Possibly the greatest event in the universe will soon be upon us.  No, we’re not talking about the World Cup, or the 2012 Olympics.  We’re talking about the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST!

We love Eurovision because there is nothing else quite like it.  It is the show that taste forgot.

There’s the plastic hosts, who always try to pretend they fancy each other.  Plus the massively biased voting by neighbouring countries.  And of course, there’s the bitchy and sarcastic commentary.  And that’s even before you touch upon the music itself!  Because in Eurovision, ninety nine percent of songs are power ballads, and the remaining one percent is some bloke dressed up as a minotaur screaming out opera in Latin.

It all kicks off this Friday (12th) with Eurovision: Your Country Needs you on BBC1.  It’s your chance to vote for who will be representing us in this year’s Eurovision (not that we’ll actually win, but hey…)  Remember – it’s the taking part that counts!  So be sure to tune in between 8.30pm – 10pm.

We’re so excited!  And to get you in the mood, check out the 2007 runners-up from the Ukraine below.



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