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The Mystery of Le Pain Maudit March 12, 2010

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They say that truth is stranger than fiction, and for the the inhabitants of Pont-Saint-Esprit, it’s hard to disagree.

The picturesque French village found itself in a panic in 1951, after many of its inhabitants began to hallucinate and suffer insanity.  At least five people died, dozens were interned in asylums and hundreds afflicted.

Time magazine wrote at the time: “Among the stricken, delirium rose: patients thrashed wildly on their beds, screaming that red flowers were blossoming from their bodies, that their heads had turned to molten lead.”

For decades it was assumed that the local bread had been unwittingly poisoned with a psychedelic mould.  But still the mystery of Le Pain Maudit (Cursed Bread) lived on.

… Until now?

An American investigative journalist has uncovered evidence suggesting the CIA peppered local food with the hallucinogenic drug LSD as part of a mind control experiment at the height of the Cold War.

Mr Albarelli came across CIA documents while investigating the suspicious suicide of Frank Olson, a biochemist working for the SOD who fell from a 13th floor window two years after the Cursed Bread incident.

According to US news reports, French intelligence chiefs have demanded the CIA explain itself following the book’s revelations. French intelligence officially denies this.

Either way, we hope that the mystery of Le Pain Maudit will be resolved soon, so that the people of Pont-Saint-Esprit can finally move on.

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