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Slang is Sick March 16, 2010

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“John’s burd is well stunnin’. She wis pure mental wae ‘um the other day cos he wantit tae hing aboot wi ‘is pals ‘n no take hur tae the Showcase. She took a hissy ‘n bolted. It wis well funny.”

Do you understand the above?  If so then congratulations – you are officially ‘down with the kids.’  The BBC has published results of a survey where schools across the UK were asked to interpret a specific paragraph to highlight the use and variety of slang.

The phrase the BBC School News Report chose was: “John’s girlfriend is really pretty. But she got mad with him the other day because he wanted to hang out with his friends rather than take her to the cinema. She got really angry and stormed off. It was very funny.”

Pupils then had to re-write the paragraph in their own slang.  The results were far and wide, including the very first paragraph of this article (just incase you couldn’t decipher it.)

They’ve also published a handy little slang words guide so you can suitably embarrass your child or younger sibling/relative on the playground.

Here’s the slang list in full:

  • wasteman (London) – idiot, fool
  • bewt or pearla (Wales) – fantastic or beautiful
  • sick (London and south east) – very good
  • tidy or sound (Wales) – good
  • craic (Northern Ireland) – good fun
  • buff or peng (London and south east) – very attractive
  • bangin’ or mint or lush (Wales) – very good looking
  • hissy (Scotland) – angry or losing temper
  • owned (London and south east) – beaten up or made a fool of
  • beef (Yorkshire) – grudge or argument

More here.



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