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Women Are Messed Up March 22, 2010

Posted by bitchwantstea in Fashion / Beauty.
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Recently there’s been a lot of publicity about fashion designers and magazine editors using “plus sized” (or in the real world, “normal sized”) women on their catwalks and pages.  Plus there was the high profile Dove campaign (pictured, above) a handful of years back.  Call it a step forward or simply a gimmick, but few would deny that a greater diversity of body shape is a good thing.

But according to a new study by the University of Arizona, it doesn’t actually make women feel any better about themselves.

The research discovered that larger women feel better when ads don’t include any models at all.

Average-sized ladies have lower self-esteem after looking at ads with plus-sized models rather than skinny ones.

And thin folk prefer the traditional tiny models.

The study did, however, come up with one rather rubbish way bigger models can be used to  influence product sales:

“If a normal-size woman sees moderately heavy images in ads for weight-loss products, she might feel overweight and be more inclined to buy a diet plan or gym membership.”

Basically, use plus-sized models to make women feel bad enough about themselves that they spend more money on gym memberships and diet products.

Ladies, we are one big mental MESS!


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