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Judge: A Nice House in a Poor Area Deserves to be Robbed March 25, 2010

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Laurent, a wealthy businessman, had had enough.

Since living in Charleroi, an infamously run-down area in the south of Belgium, his car had been stolen (twice), his family threatened, and himself kidnapped by armed men.

So, like any logical person, he decided to move his family out of their lovely home, to live in another – safer- area.

However, a judge is now ordering Laurent to pay back a £5,000 house renovation grant, because he had behaved “unreasonably” in leaving the region.

“It is perhaps not sensible to draw attention to oneself by driving a Jaguar and living in a big house, making an ostentatious display of one’s wealth in a poor and damaged region like Charleroi,” said the judge.

The businessman’s lawyer accused the civil court of supporting “hooligans”.

“In Charleroi, you must drive in a Trabant, wear a tracksuit and live in a slum to be safe from criminals and above reproach from judges,” said Clément de Clety.

Charleroi, in the heart of Wallonia, is said by most Belgians – including its inhabitants, known as Carolos – to be the most depressing place in Europe.

The city has become notorious as the home of the paedophile serial killer, Marc Dutroux. Another Carolo, Muriel Degauque, became the world’s first white, female suicide Islamist bomber when she blew herself up in Baghdad in 2005.

If you ask us, the judge was completely out of order.  Still!  On the bright side, £5,000 is a relatively small price to pay for making sure your family is safe and secure.



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