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The Owl That’s Scared of Heights April 9, 2010

Posted by bitchwantstea in Health.
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We feel a little bit sorry for this little guy… But at the same time, we can’t help but feel that this story is INSANELY CUTE!

Troy the Tawny Owl fell from his nest when he was just a baby.  Fortunately for him, he was found by a passer-by and reared by the Hawk Conservancy Trust.

But being brought up by humans has given him an unexpected phobia – of flying.

Ashley Smith, chief executive of the Trust said: “It’s extremely rare but he’s simply scared of heights.

“He’s been in captivity for as long as he can remember and has never been higher than his handler can lift him.

“Now we’re working on letting Troy realise he’s a bird, and that he should be flying as high as he wants.”

His handler has taken to climbing trees with the owl to help him see the world from an owl’s perspective and become more ambitious when it comes to heights.

So far it’s been slow progress, as Troy has to be carried down, as he refuses to fly.

…. BWT fears we may explode with warm squishy feelings.



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