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Johnny Depp “Best Looking Man in America” April 23, 2010

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Lad’s website Esquire recently recruited almost 10,000 US women and quizzed them on everything from their politics, finances, and sex lives.  Then they put it all together in a pretty chart!

Among the highlights are:

Over a third of women interviewed admitted to having some form of plastic surgery

42% of them have been to a strip club, and 45% of them pray (maybe 3% were just “passing through”?)

Only 57% practice safe sex.

When asked for the “best looking man in America”, Johnny Depp came out top with 29% of the vote.

… Barack Obama and Zac Efron were tied in last place.

Nearly a third of respondents stated it was okay for women to use their sexuality in the workplace.

And 5% of women, when asked for what type of gift they would most like to receive, requested an Xbox!

PLUS!  When quizzed on who women would sleep with if they had/ever had lesbian tendencies, 31% voted for Zooey Deschanel.

Guess our ladies across the pond really like the kooky chicks, huh?

More silly nonsense here.



1. Charlotte - April 23, 2010

Quote from your article :
Only 57% practice safe sex.

Quote from theres:
Do you practice safe sex?
57% Always
36% Some of the time
7% never

43% is very different from 7%

And while we are at it explain how you got this:
Over a third of women interviewed admitted to having some form of plastic surgery

From this?:
4. Have you had or would you have plastic surgery?
Yes 31%
No 69%

and yet you missed
18. The best-looking woman in America is:
Zack Effron 8%

WTH BWT are you trying to win the news of the world prize for journalistic standards

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