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Photo of the Day April 26, 2010

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Via here.


Domo’s Day Out April 24, 2010

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What you need is a little bit of Domo-kun in your life.  And Chris Gritti is just the man to help you, with his INSANELY AWESOME gallery of photos dedicated to the little angry creature!

Today is instantly better.  More here.

Disneyland FAIL! April 23, 2010

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A mother and daughter who dressed up as princesses in anticipation of their trip to Disneyland were turned away at the gates…  For looking too much like princesses.

‘I thought they were playing a joke on me because it was April Fool’s Day at first’, said Miss Narula (pictured with her daughter, above.)

‘But I spoke to a manager and she said they were concerned children would think I worked there and wanted to have their picture with me.

‘I didn’t even have any make-up on and didn’t look anything like the characters in the park, it wasn’t like I was wearing a big Mickey Mouse outfit, it was just a dress.

‘How can they possibly say I looked too much like a princess? I was wearing a hideous wedding dress I bought from Oxfam for £20.’

More here.

Gordon Brown “like soil mixed with Marmite” April 22, 2010

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As the general election draws ever closer, nerves are fraught.  Who are we going to vote for?  And can we truly differentiate between the policies of the main three parties?

James Wannerton can.  He’s the president of the UK Synaesthesia Association. He experiences words as tastes and textures, a neurological condition known as lexical-gustatory synaesthesia.  Which makes him a prime candidate on giving us another view on the prime candidates! (did you see what we did there?)

Here’s Wannterton’s review of ITV’s recent televised election debate:

Gordon Brown’s name tastes horrible, and his flavour was nasty – like soil mixed with Marmite. That said, he was good on education, when he tasted of peaches, sliced potato and bacon.

Nick Clegg tastes of a pickled onion yet he kept turning soft, mushy and warm. Immigration was good for him. His speech reminded me of sweets I had as a kid – fruit pastilles, Spangles and liquorice.

David Cameron’s flavour was best. He gave me a taste of ink, which I find comforting. His name tastes of macaroons, but he said sorry so frequently it covered the macaroons with condensed milk.

So there you have it.  Mmm…. ink.

Bus Driver Filmed Reading On Dual Carriageway April 21, 2010

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A bus driver has been suspended after a passenger filmed him apparently reading while driving along a dual carriageway in Birmingham.

The passenger, who wishes to remain anonymous, filmed the National Express West Midlands driver steering with his elbows while holding a small book.

They said they took the footage after getting on the number 61 bus at Selly Oak at 2005 BST on Monday.

National Express West Midlands said “immediate action” was taken.

In a statement, a National Express spokesman said: “Immediate action was taken to suspend the driver who will now face disciplinary action.

“It is not appropriate to predict the outcome but an incident of this type is likely to lead to a dismissal.

“Passenger safety is always our priority and it is completely unacceptable for any driver to behave in this manner.”

You can check out the video here.  It’s a little shaky at first, but it’s pretty hard to deny that the driver wasn’t reading a book.

Cheeky bugger!

OM NOM NOM NOM April 20, 2010

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Via Buzzfeed

The Baby and the Xbox 360 Controller April 17, 2010

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Is it happy?  Is it sad?

It LOOKS quite upset, but at the same time, it seems to be reaching out for it…?

Either way, that’s one freaked out baby.  Maybe it’s more of a Playstation fan.

I HATE ICELAND! April 15, 2010

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Poor Iceland.  They’ve been hit by earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and evacuations.   River levels are rapidly rising, with risk of flash floods.

Sure, the eruptions have caused chaos with air passengers due to the volcanic ash spreading across the sky.  But it’s not their fault, is it?

Apparently not…

*AND* It Has Pulsating Massage Functions April 7, 2010

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When BWT saw this, our first thought was:

“Why hadn’t someone thought of this BEFORE?”

Forty pounds of fun here.

Stop or My Monkey Will Shoot April 7, 2010

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Santisuk, the pig-tailed macaque monkey, joins Thai police on patrol.

More here.