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Glee vs. Madonna – A Vogue Comparison April 27, 2010

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Did you catch Glee’s Madonna special on television last night?

BWT thought it was AWESOME!

But it’s even more awesome when you consider how much time and effort went into one number in particular – Sue Sylvester’s rendition of ‘Vogue’

Check out the like-for-like video above.  The similarity is very impressive!

Strike a pose.


Space is a Pretty Freaky Place February 28, 2010

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Sneakily comparing boob sizes with women in the gym changing rooms is soooo last year.

Thanks to an awesome little interactive web page from primaxstudio, you can now compare EVERY BLOODY THING IN THE UNIVERSE, from Quantum Foam to, well – the universe itself.

Okay, they might not have stuck your boobs in there, but we’re sure they’re working on it.  Plus it has really nice music.  Seriously.  Forget that pan pipe nonsense.  This is the future.

Check it out here.

Nylon Wars: Stockings vs Tights January 16, 2010

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We’re slightly biased here at BWT, and gosh darn it, we think you should be too.  No, we’re not going to declare our loyalty to Team Angelina or Team Jenn.  It’s a topic far closer to home.  Yes ladies, we’re talking about what can be found underneath your skirt, and we don’t mean your flossing regime.  It’s a war that has raged on for generations.  It’s:


Stockings seem to have fallen out of favour recently.  Once a staple of the British ladies’ wardrobe, stockings have all too often been sent to the bottom of the underwear drawer, only to be redeemed on Valentine’s Day or the odd kinky weekend in Bristol.  Which is a shame, as we think stockings knock the socks off tights (do you see what we did there?) But don’t take our word for it – check out our, er, scientific comparison study below.


PRO:  They look hot.  Admit it, unless you have a slightly obscure fetish, tights look bloody awful – on everyone.  Even Dita Von Tease…. Although we expect she’d never admit to owning a pair.

PRO: If you accidentally snag a stocking on a nail or piece of furniture, you don’t have to throw both stockings away as you would with tights.  Just grab another one from the pack, and hey presto!  Multipacks mean stockings are interchangeable, which saves money, packaging and nylon. Genius.

PRO:  Even if you dress like a tramp with your outerwear, stockings still make you feel sexy underneath – guaranteed.  Who could fail to have a sexy swagger in their step rocking a pair of nylons?  Not us.

PRO:  Your lady garden likes fresh air.  Honestly.  Ahem.

PRO: Did we mention how hot they look?


PRO: Tights are warm, meaning your (most likely, somewhat itchy) bottom will thank you for a few months of the year.  But who cares about being warm if you’re not SMOKING HOT?

CON: After wearing them for five minutes, they inevitably slide down, resembling a twisted form of jodhpurs.

PRO: There’s no chance of you ‘accidentally’ flashing the guy stood behind you on the escalator.

CON:  There’s no chance of you ‘accidentally’ flashing the guy stood behind you on the escalator!

PRO: You don’t need to swear a suspender belt, even though suspender belts are hotter than a bucket full of Terry’s Chocolate Orange.  Mmm…

PRO:  Okay, that’s it, we hate tights, there are no more good points we can think of.

WHERE TO BUY (since many highstreet shops are too silly to stock them):

Our favourite for girdles (NSFW!) – www.nylonz.com

Fabuloso stockings (including the almost impossible to find opaque stockings) – www.stockingsdirect.co.uk

And if you’re feeling frilly – www.kissmedeadly.co.uk

…  For everything else there’s M&S, that place where sandwiches come from.

So there you have it.  Stockings rule.  And don’t forget, donations are always gladly accepted here at BWT – new and clean donations, that is.  Ahem.