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Gay Porn? I Go Direct Gov February 10, 2010

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The Department for Children, Schools and Families had a bit of explaining to do when a mother of two spotted the children’s section of Directgov website sporting a banner advertising Buster’s World – a gay porn fetish site.

The story was then picked up by The Drum, which was then picked up by The Register, who contacted the DCSF.  In a statement, they said:

“The naming of this webpage was clearly a mistake and we regret that the supplier’s usual thorough checking procedures when creating web content seem to have failed. When this was brought to our attention we urgently took the site down, pending a rename, to avoid any further issues.

The name concerned was new and had not yet been promoted widely to young people.

The safety of children on the internet is of paramount importance and we will be looking at the procedures of our suppliers to ensure this does not happen again.”

Quick!  Someone create an MPs expenses scandal to create a diversion!  Oh wait…