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Virtual Love March 24, 2010

Posted by bitchwantstea in Bizarre, Sex / Relationships, Tech / Science.
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Ladies!  Do you like playing videogames?  Do you like flirting?  Well, now you can combine the two and get PAID for it!

GameCrush, a new website service for over eighteens, gives men the chance to “pay and play” with a pretty girl (termed as a ‘PlayDate’) on Xbox Live or a simple flash game, such as checkers.  The girls in turn provide two types of ‘date’:

“We have created two broad categories, ‘Flirty’ and ‘Dirty’ to help the PlayDate define and match her mood of gaming interaction and experience with those of the players. You can choose either option or both depending on how you feel!”

A single game with a PlayDate will cost $8.25 (£5.50), with Xbox Live matches running for ten minutes, and Flash games for six.

Upon the launch of the service this Wednesday, the GameCrush website actually crashed due to too much traffic, so clearly there must be some demand – although we think most of the visitors were simply curious to see what the 1200 registered PlayDates look like.

We have to admit, we are intrigued…  If slightly confused.