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Sci-Fi Social Networking March 18, 2010

Posted by bitchwantstea in Bizarre, Film / TV, Tech / Science.
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Think of a professional social networking site, such as LinkedIn.  Then add planets.  And spaceships.  And William Shatner.  Mix them altogether, and you have myouterspace.com

Launched by Mr Shatner himself, the site is aimed at creative people with a range of skill sets, who will be able to become ‘citizens’ of one of six ‘Planets’ that matches their talents – including graphic design, writing, acting, music, games development and film and TV production.

From then on, to be honest, it all becomes a bit confusing.

Those who have become citizens of the planets will then be able to take part in projects overseen by a range of ‘virtual production companies’, or as they’re known in MyOuterSpace world, ‘Starships’. Each Starship has a ‘captain’, who will venture around the planets in his starship collecting talent – ‘the Starships will host Crew Members from the various United Planets, each specializing in a different Artistic talent,’ the site explains.

Rrrrrright.  Gotcha.