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A Spring In Your Step April 26, 2010

Posted by bitchwantstea in Fashion / Beauty.
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Spring is finally here!  Well, sort of.  And it’s also nearing the end of the month, which usually means PAY DAAAAAAAAAY!

Fortunately, the kind folks at Joy clothing have some gorgeous 1950s inspired dresses to take away that pesky money from your bank account.  We’re particularly taken with the Hawaiian and surf-inspired prints.  Just click on the images displayed to be taken to the appropriate product page.


Worship the Wang March 26, 2010

Posted by bitchwantstea in Bizarre, Sex / Relationships.
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BWT is so happy that spring is finally here!

It’s a time to think about the blooming of flowers, baby lambs frolicking in the grass, and… penis and vagina festivals?

The numerous festivals, held all over Japan, feature giant vajayjays paraded down streets, and six-and-a-half foot wooden phalluses.  But these festivals are no laughing matter – they date back 1,500 years, held to ensure a good harvest and promote baby-making.

Japan currently has one of the world’s lowest birthrates (1.37 children per woman), which experts blame on stagnant incomes and changing gender relations.

The festivals are also great income generators – with tourists travelling far and wide to see the, erm, attractions.

Well, you’ve got to admit, it’s a nice change from the usual ‘visit Harajuku and dress up as a geisha’ tourist activity, isn’t it?

More genital action here.