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Glee vs. Madonna – A Vogue Comparison April 27, 2010

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Did you catch Glee’s Madonna special on television last night?

BWT thought it was AWESOME!

But it’s even more awesome when you consider how much time and effort went into one number in particular – Sue Sylvester’s rendition of ‘Vogue’

Check out the like-for-like video above.  The similarity is very impressive!

Strike a pose.


Thought of the Day April 25, 2010

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Via Lamebook

Top 10 Paying Jobs for Women April 22, 2010

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CCNMoney.com has just released the top 10 paying jobs for women in the United States.

The winners are:

1. Chief Executive

2. Pharmacist

3. Lawyer

4. Computer and IT Manager

5. Software Engineer

6. Physician or Surgeon

7. Computer Programmer

8. Management Analyst

9. Computer Scientist

10. Occupational Therapist

…. But as the website reminds us, although these jobs may pay the big bucks, men in the same positions earn even more.

We Will Always Love You April 20, 2010

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You may or may not know that legendary singer Whitney Houston is touring again.

You also may or may not know that her performances have been beset by… problems.  And you can’t blame all of them on Iceland.

The video (above) is taken from Houston’s recent show in Birmingham.  Now, BWT isn’t going to deny that I Will Always Love You is a hard song to sing.  A VERY hard song to sing.  But hearing her struggle so clearly on that famous note…

Don’t do drugs, kids.

Type O Negative Frontman Dies April 16, 2010

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Pete Steele, the lead singer of gothic metal band, Type O Negative, has died of heart failure.  He was forty eight.

If you’ve ever dabbled in black lipstick, fishnets and stargazer white foundation, chances are you’ll be familiar with Type O Negative.  The American band, most known for their albums ‘Bloody Kisses’ and ‘October Rust’, originally formed in 1991.  Many of their songs – though appearing serious – were tongue-in-cheek, covering topics such as threesomes and menstrual cycles.  Trust us, they rocked.

Steele’s death was validated by Type O keyboardist Josh Silver.

RIP Pete.  You will be missed.

Friday I’m In Love March 26, 2010

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Time to dig out that album by The Cure again…

(For a gentle reminder, click here.)

My Mum’s on Facebook March 23, 2010

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I think we all know someone who can relate to this…

The Best Eight Minutes And Eighteen Seconds of Your Life March 15, 2010

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Nostalgia – great, isn’t it?

Lots of warm, fuzzy memories of the past, where everything was so much better than it is now.

Of course, the trick to nostalgia is to never actually revisit the past.  Chances are, cold hard reality will never do your rose-tinted memories justice.  It’s much better to just sit back, relax, and let your hazy remembrance wrap around you like a snuggly blanket.

So if your fond nostalgia stretches back to clubbing the night away in the early nineties, you must never.  EVER.  Watch.  This.  Video.

Really.  It’s for your own good.

But for those of us who might be too young (or too old) to shatter any lovely memories, this video could possibly be the best thing ever put onto YouTube.

Check out the woman desperately trying to ignore the man in front of her at the one minute mark.

We hope none of you danced like that, BWT readers.

It’s BACK! March 11, 2010

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Possibly the greatest event in the universe will soon be upon us.  No, we’re not talking about the World Cup, or the 2012 Olympics.  We’re talking about the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST!

We love Eurovision because there is nothing else quite like it.  It is the show that taste forgot.

There’s the plastic hosts, who always try to pretend they fancy each other.  Plus the massively biased voting by neighbouring countries.  And of course, there’s the bitchy and sarcastic commentary.  And that’s even before you touch upon the music itself!  Because in Eurovision, ninety nine percent of songs are power ballads, and the remaining one percent is some bloke dressed up as a minotaur screaming out opera in Latin.

It all kicks off this Friday (12th) with Eurovision: Your Country Needs you on BBC1.  It’s your chance to vote for who will be representing us in this year’s Eurovision (not that we’ll actually win, but hey…)  Remember – it’s the taking part that counts!  So be sure to tune in between 8.30pm – 10pm.

We’re so excited!  And to get you in the mood, check out the 2007 runners-up from the Ukraine below.

I Hate This Part March 3, 2010

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Oh noes!

Two members of the Pussycat Dolls – Kimberly Wyatt and Ashley Roberts – have quit.

They proceed Jessica Sutta, who quit in January.

There are now only two ‘Dolls left.  The survival of the rest of the group hangs in the balance…  Will they carry on?  Will they find replacements?  Do they have to give their hair extensions back when they leave?

These are all very important questions.  But the most important question for BWT is:

Do you actually know which ones are Kimberly Wyatt, Ashley Roberts and Jessica Sutta?

Circle the correct ‘Dolls and you win a prize to Hawaii*!

* Otherwise known as Leighton Buzzard.  Travel fees may apply.  Prize only applicable to three-legged geese named Dave.