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A Spring In Your Step April 26, 2010

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Spring is finally here!  Well, sort of.  And it’s also nearing the end of the month, which usually means PAY DAAAAAAAAAY!

Fortunately, the kind folks at Joy clothing have some gorgeous 1950s inspired dresses to take away that pesky money from your bank account.  We’re particularly taken with the Hawaiian and surf-inspired prints.  Just click on the images displayed to be taken to the appropriate product page.


Disneyland FAIL! April 23, 2010

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A mother and daughter who dressed up as princesses in anticipation of their trip to Disneyland were turned away at the gates…  For looking too much like princesses.

‘I thought they were playing a joke on me because it was April Fool’s Day at first’, said Miss Narula (pictured with her daughter, above.)

‘But I spoke to a manager and she said they were concerned children would think I worked there and wanted to have their picture with me.

‘I didn’t even have any make-up on and didn’t look anything like the characters in the park, it wasn’t like I was wearing a big Mickey Mouse outfit, it was just a dress.

‘How can they possibly say I looked too much like a princess? I was wearing a hideous wedding dress I bought from Oxfam for £20.’

More here.

Court Couture April 22, 2010

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If you’re anything like BWT, shopping for clothes can occasionally be a massive headache.

You need clothes for work.  Clothes for formal occasions.  Clothes for a night out.  Clothes for the gym.  And let’s not forget – clothes for for slutting it up after your moronic ex boyfriend decided to hook up with Sally the waitress.

With all of these clothing demands, it’s understandable that sometimes we get it wrong.  Television programs like “Not What To Wear” and “Gok’s Fashion Fix”, as well as oodles of “Style Disaster of the Week” magazine columns are always there to remind us of the dangers of a fashion faux pas.

But what about on the tennis court?  Surely that’s pretty safe, right?

Wrong!  Just check out these cringe-worthy (and occasionally brilliant) outfits, as selected by smashingonline.

Is it bad we rather love the leopard print…?

More centre court shockers here.

Primark Criticsed for ‘Premature Sexualisation’ of Children April 15, 2010

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Primark has fallen into hot water again, and this time it’s not for allegations on child labour.

The clothing chain has recently withdrawn sale of its padded bikini tops aimed at girls as young as seven.

The £4 bikini sets came in candy pink with gold stars and black with white polka dots.

The Children’s Society criticised Primark for “premature sexualisation and unprincipled advertising”.

The retailer apologised to customers for “causing offence” and said it would donate profits to a children’s charity.

Primark, which is well-known for its heavily discounted brands, has 138 UK stores and 38 in Ireland.

It is the latest chain to face criticism over products considered too adult for youngsters.

Asda has been singled out for a push-up bra aimed at young girls, and Tesco withdrew a pole-dancing kit from its toys section.

Sad, but not surprising…

Vivien of Holloway Dresses for Thirty Five Quid! April 13, 2010

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Fancy a new dress?

Of COURSE you do!

Right now for thirty five squids, you can get your hands on some pretty 1940s Vivien of Holloway dresses!

We’ve already got our eye on the Jungle Blue one…

Your Heart on Your Sleeve April 8, 2010

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Via mysoti.com

Waiting to Exhale April 7, 2010

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Believe it or not, these photos depict the SAME woman.

Remember people – photoshop is a photo-editing software tool, and NOT a device to suck someone’s belief and perspective into a bucket, before kicking it down a hill.

Spotted on Jezebel.

Peek! Magazine – Acceptable Girl Porn April 3, 2010

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Believe it or not, occasionally BWT has needs.  FILTHY needs (and we’re not talking about getting slack with the washing up for a few days.)

But despite 99.99999999% of the entire internet being taken up by porn, there is a surprising lack of erotic choice available to the female shopper.

We think there should be more 50’s style pin-ups to look at, with girls wearing “proper”, “decent” underwear and stockings.

We know all girls want to look at this stuff, because every Burlesque event we’ve attended (which is A HELLAVALOT) is frequented by 90% women.  The 10% have been taken there by their girlfriends.

Thankfully, a recent shopping trip for a new girdle caused us to stumble across this – Peek! Magazine.

As the website itself says, Peek was:

“… Inspired by gentlemen’s magazines from the 1950’s, a period where simply a glimpse of a ladies under-garment was enough to send many into convulsions.

“However it  is not designed to appeal to only aficionados of that era… Neither do we believe that Peek! should only be read by gentlemen, it is aimed at ladies and gentlemen alike and for this reason we bring you lots of articles about how the modern lady about town can dress in satorial elegance.”

Sounds good to us!  BWT can’t wait for the next issue.

Bikini Revenge April 2, 2010

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Next time you eat your boyfriend’s last packet of crisps or put an empty tea box back in the cupboard after using the last bag…  Be warned, for your next holiday or trip to the swimming pool might be cursed with the Revenge Bikini (or ‘Get Naked’ bikini, but personally we prefer our name), which dissolves when you enter the water.

Revenge Bikini We just thought that you all should know what it looks like before he gets it re-wrapped in a La Senza gift box.

Not to fear though, because you can also purchase dissolvable trunks!  What fun!  Just make sure you’re not testing them out in Dubai.

Available to buy here.

Colouring-In Dress March 28, 2010

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Now THIS we likes!

Ever had your eye on a dress, but wished it was available in another colour?

Imagine if you could hand colour a dress yourself, so it could be exactly as you liked it.

Designers Berber Soepboer and Michiel Schuurma clearly had the same idea, when they came up with this colouring-in dress.

As far as we’re aware, it’s not available to buy in the shops, but hopefully some savvy buyer out there will soon change that (hint hint!)